Sasha Safdiah

Sasha began her career 20 years ago starting as a makeup counter manager, working for prestigious makeup lines such as Chanel, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Clinique and Le Clerc. Her charismatic personality, eye for color, skillful application, and beautiful makeup looks quickly earned her a loyal clientele. She marked a special place in the industry, while really focusing on the personal attention towards her clients. Sasha believes that every client is a gift. 

When she isn't beautifying clients Sasha is giving master classes and training artists to do what they believe in and help them focus on how to be the best artist they can be. 

Sasha has been applying makeup for 20 years. Creativity is something that spills over into every area of her life. Creating editorial pieces is a necessary part of her job. Balancing beauty and art is a very important aspect of being in this industry. Learning to love and nurture both is truly magic. 

Sasha's resume includes beauty, fashion, editorial and commercial makeup. Sasha loves making the “every day” woman look and feel fabulous while getting the professional treatment. 

Sasha's editorial work has been featured in several magazines such as Bello, Be Scene, Beautiful Savages,Italian Vogue,Flaunt,Jute, The Impression and several more. 

For bookings please email and check out her instagram page @sashasophia